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1. 여기 등록하는 ID와 회원들 페이지에서 등록할 자신의 필명은 일치되어야 합니다.
2. 필명에 공백, 특수문자가 들어가서는 안됩니다.(모든 페이지이름?에 공통)

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If you are coming to this page for the first time, you'll see form into which you can enter your username and some other settings (password and e-mail are stored, but currently not used). If you click on Create Profile, a user profile will be created for you. With the response, a HTTP cookie will be sent that contains your user ID, which enables the system to recognize you.

Logout clears the cookie. As described above, Login enables you to gain access to your user profile if you somehow lost the cookie or are on another machine. Save just updates your profile.